Accept Credit Cards Online with YukonSoft


  • Customer visits your web site* and chooses to buy your product/service.
  • Customer completes an order form on your web site*, securely providing credit card or check info.
  • Completed form is submitted to our secure server for verification.
  • You receive real-time online authorization from our server.
  • Order confirmation is immediately sent to you and to your customer.
  • Customer's credit card or checking account is debited; your bank account is credited.
  • The transaction appears on customer's credit card or checking account statement.

*If you do not have a web site, you can obtain your customers' information via phone, fax, or in person, and then submit it securely through your Virtual Terminal.

    Your Best Value

    With the explosive growth of the Internet economy, you can't afford not to do business online. An integral part of Internet business is the ability to accept real-time, secure payments directly from your web site.

    There are other companies that provide similar services, but they don't offer the same bang for the buck. Here are a few of the features that make our services a far better value than our competitors:

    • Prices. We have competitive prices and, unlike other companies, we display our entire rate structure. There are no hidden charges.

    Real-time payments prices:

    One-time registration fee of $295.00
    Monthly transaction processing fee of $24.95

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    If you find a company that appears to have lower rates, be sure to ask about every possible fee. For example, here are some of the common fees that we do not charge for:

    • Transaction fees (for first 500/month)
    • Discount rates (charge you a percentage of each sale)
    • Secure server access/hosting fees
    • Order form hosting fees
    • Virtual Terminal access/hosting fees
    • Shopping cart setup, monthly, and/or transaction fees
    • Programming/integration fees
    • Additional e-check setup/application fees

    • Payment Alternatives. With our service, you have multiple payment options to offer your customers: they can pay you with a credit card and/or from a checking account.

    • Customer Service. We offer free customer support via email, and telephone. (Some companies charge hundreds of dollars per month for telephone customer service!) Customer inquiries are handled quickly by a member of our staff, not by an agent, reseller, or telemarketer.

    • Simplicity. Our services are much easier than others to set up. By following the instructions on this web site, even beginners can enable their web sites to accept secure payments.

    • Security. We provide unsurpassed transaction security--even if you don't have a secure server. No payment information is kept in an Internet-accessible database.

    • Order Notification. Both you and your customer are emailed order details immediately upon completion of each transaction, and you are also sent daily transaction summaries. We also give you an interactive online listing of all transactions for any date range. An additional option is our Passback function, whereby you receive real-time transaction information that can be written directly into a database.

    • Merchant Account Options.  We will work with virtually any credit card merchant account; we don't require a special one. Therefore, if you already have a merchant account, you will more than likely be able to use it with our service. If you don't have a merchant account, we can help you obtain one.

    • Virtual Terminal. Customers can securely enter their own payment information via your web site, or you can enter payment information (received via Internet, phone, fax, or in person) on our Virtual Terminal, even without your own web site.

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