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YES! You can be the Driving Force behind your Distributor's Growth!

One of the biggest questions we face each year is how do we get the biggest return on our marketing budget? With YukonSoft E-Business Solutions™ (Y.E.S.!™) marketing and catalog tool suite, you will effectively distribute and market your products on a limitless number of e-Commerce sites & providing you with a huge return on each dollar of your marketing budget invested.

It's simple. Just import your products into the Y.E.S.!™ Distributor Center software database with the click of the mouse button, creating a complete inventory, catalog and total small business operation for each existing and new distribution center.

Y.E.S.!™ operates your in-house distribution stores and creates an e-Commerce store with your products in minutes. Y.E.S.!™ features and benefits include:

    • A complete custom e-Commerce store featuring all your products in minutes
    • A Point of Sale system
    • Inventory control with bar coding
    • Quick and easy new store startup and existing store reorganizing
    • Catalog features, reports, and complete business operations
    • QuickBooks® integration and interfaces with other accounting systems
    • Credit card capability through secure online transaction/payment gateways
    • Ability to add products from other manufacturers and master distributors

Additionally, YukonSoft provides a portal/hub site Product Portal Engine™ (PPE™) for your customers and your company's future growth. With this PPE™ added to your existing company's WEB site, you become the focal point for marketing and communications, and ultimately transactions among your distributors and their customers.

The PPE™ patent protected hub site technology is designed to integrate each of your distributor's e-Commerce stores into a larger shopping mall environment. Through your company's websites, potential customers can search, browse, and access all of your distributor's online stores.

YukonSoft's Distributor's Program combines YukonSoft's E-business technologies with a partner's existing distribution infrastructure, to ultimately provide small and medium sized businesses with a complete E-business solution for supply, distribution, inventory control, accounting and customer online and in-house purchases.


Combining YukonSoft's Product Portal Engine™ (PPE™) and YES!™ E-business Technologies provides you the following benefits:

    • Low cost operation with no IT maintenance required
    • PPE™ Malls installed into your existing WEB site within days (be your own Yahoo®)
    • No on-site Internet server required
    • From your PPE™ enabled hub site, your customers can download the Y.E.S.!™ Distributor's software to completely automate their operations.
    • Distributors' Inventory can be shown on their e-Commerce item pages to increase sales
    • Your items will be marketed on many independent Websites hosted by your Distributors
    • Automates your Distributors' Point of Sale and creates an integrated self-managed e-Commerce site for each Distributor
    • Catalogs, pricing and item updates become easy for your Distributors

YukonSoft E-Business Solutions™ (Y.E.S.!™) package allows you to address the e-Commerce needs of your small business Distributors, while enhancing the support and services you currently offer, for a fraction of your marketing budget.

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