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Small Business Enterprise Solution


It's all about Productivity! Imagine that you begin your workday by turning on your computer to see that you had e-Commerce orders late last night. Just as you press the process order button on your screen, you are alerted that you also have ebay orders to fulfill.

You click the mouse button and the orders are accepted, your inventory is adjusted, your customer information is automatically entered into your database for shipping ... and now you are ready to start a new day!

Now your employees begin to arrive. As they enter the building, they swipe their badges at the door, automatically logging their start times into your QuickBooks system and welcoming each employee with an important message from you.

Soon your customers arrive. Your sales person begins to assist them through the checkout lane, using the Point-of-Sale system that automatically updates your inventory and processes the sales through QuickBooks. You walk to the shipping area to see that labels are being printed and all is running smoothly.


It's time for the marketing to begin. You return to your office, check your sales and inventory status. You decide that it is time to move some older inventory. You open your HTML editor and create an ad to be used on your website and through ebay. You utilize JPEG images to give your ad a very professional look. You set your pricing based on your listed cost, run the ebay wizard to schedule the auction, and launch everything from your desktop computer.


Now that's Productivity!


Now imagine that by purchasing the Y.E.S.! software suite and Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance system together, you receive a $150 discount!

Now that's good business

Just say Y.E.S.! 


  • 1-10 Employee system - $949.98
  • 11 – 50 Employee system - $1,149.98
  • Unlimited Employee system - $1,449.98

Multiple seat pricing:
(Allows for Manual Log-in on Additional Workstations)

  • 5 additional seat license - $599.99 additional (Software Only)
  • 10 additional seat license - $799.99 additional (Software Only)
  • site license - $1,499.99 additional (Software Only)
No.Seat licenses:

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