Web based Virtual Shopping Mall

With Y.E.S.! V-Mall™, you become the nucleus of future growth and automation for your small and medium business customers.  Through various patent protected technologies, Y.E.S.! V-Mall™ provides you with a Y.E.S.!™ Merchant Cooperative, linking all of your customers together through your Y.E.S.!™ Portal/Hub.

The core functionality of Y.E.S.! V-Mall™ provides the viewers with the ability to define search criteria and be directed to the specific items found on any linked Y.E.S.!™ database. This patent protected search engine directs the viewer to the actual item within the web site, rather than linking the viewer to a vendor’s homepage.

To see an example of the YukonSoft Y.E.S.! V-Mall™ in action, click HERE.

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