This help system is designed to help you learn how to use all of the features of the Y.E.S.!™ Software Package, as well as answer most any question that you might have.

The Y.E.S.! software suite provides you with the means to easily incorporate eCommerce into your existing business, while maintaining complete control of your in-store and online sales from the same inventory.    Y.E.S.! includes an eCommerce enabled web site generator, a "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) HTML Editor, a fully featured Point-of-Sale system, an interface to Intuit QuickBooks®, a Time and Attendance system and a complete inventory management system with barcoding technologies oriented specifically for smaller businesses.  You can also control your eBay® auctions directly from within the Y.E.S.!system.

NOTE: Y.E.S.!™ is designed to be utilized at a screen resolution of 800 x 600 or higher.

When you first start up the program, the Y.E.S.! Road Map screen similar to the screen shown below will appear.  This screen serves as the guide for you to completely establish your online store.  Each button incorporates the core components necessary to completely build and establish your eCommerce enabled web site.  Upon completion of each section, a check mark will appear on the button signifying that you are ready to move to the next section.

The Main Menus will always be accessible from the menu bar while the program is running.

 The available menus are:

Inventory - From here you manage your business's inventory

 Customers - From here you manage your business's Customer database

Internet Sales - From here you manage your business's on-line sales

Point of Sale - From here you can access the Y.E.S.! integrated Point of Sale system

Website Design - From here you manage your business's website

Preview - From here you preview your business's website to see what it will look like, before you upload it to your actual website.

Upload Website - From here you upload your business's website to the Internet

Accounting- From here you update your business's QuickBooks® accounting system. (A separate Help system is available from within the Y.E.S.! Accounting Interface.)

Time and Attendance - From here you can access Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance. (A separate Help system is available from within Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance.)


If your operating systems's currency format is set to use spaces, you will receive the following message when the program loads:

If you receive this message, you will need to change the way your Windows® operating system formats numbers and currency. Every time that Y.E.S.! starts, it checks your operating system for the following conditions:

1.  Neither the Decimal symbol nor the Digit Grouping symbol for Numbers or Currency can be a space.

2.  The Decimal Symbol cannot be the same as the Digit Grouping symbol.

3.  The Decimal Currency Symbol and the Digit Decimal Number symbol must be the same.

4.  The Decimal Currency Digit Grouping symbol and the Number Digit Grouping symbol just be the same.

5.  The Decimal Symbol and the Digit Grouping Symbol must be either a comma or a period.  No other symbols can be used.

If you are seeing this message, click HERE for instructions on how to change your regional Number and Currency format settings.

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