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Y.E.S.!™ is truly "business friendly." From within the software, the business owner has access to many valuable reports. Accessing customer information, inventory levels, and viewing sales, profit, and tax statistics, are only a few clicks away.

Today, many businesses use different accounting software products to help manage their business. Y.E.S.!™ has been designed to easily exchange (import and export) information with popular accounting software packages. Adding an online business using Y.E.S.!™ makes it easy to integrate online sales with a merchant's current methods of operation. Y.E.S.!™ provides a flexible means to transfer crucial business information (transactions, sales, customers, etc.) to existing accounting systems.

Your can use the new integrated interface to Intuit® QuickBooks® 2003 accounting

or you can import/export to/from previous versions of Intuit® QuickBooks® or other accounting systems using the generic interface.

  • Minimum System Requirements:
  • Minimum CPU required: 300MHz
  • Minimum memory required: 64Meg RAM
  • Minimum hard disk space required: 500Meg
  • Operating system versions supported: Microsoft Windows NT/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Minimum screen resolution: 800x600 (Highest Color Quality)
  • CD-ROM speed: 4X
  • Intuit® QuickBooks® 2003 or later, QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Pro® or QuickBooks Premier® Editions, Multi-User

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