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Day in the Life
Financial Accounting
Internet Sales
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Y.E.S.! B2B

Point of Sale and e-Commerce System
with B2B Enhanced Modules for mid-sized Companies

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Y.E.S.! B2B™ provides a complete e-Business solution for retailers and wholesalers, including automated e-Commerce website design and creation, and Front Office & Back Office Systems, including International Currencies, Inventory Management and Control and a Point-of-Sale system.

Whether you are a single or multi-site operation, Y.E.S.! B2B™ is designed so that you can instantly process in-store and eCommerce sales, and have your e-Commerce website built and functioning online within hours. Inventory management features allow you, the business owner, to fully track and manage your inventory sold either via the web, or through your storefront. Y.E.S.! B2B™ also supports day-to-day business operations such as the receiving, processing, and accounting of online orders.

Y.E.S.! B2B™ gives you, complete control over how your website looks and operates. An unlimited number of HTML pages, designed through the Y.E.S.! B2B™ word processor-like HTML editor, can be added to sites to allow full control of the information presented on your site. You have the ability to offer customized pricing to your clients on an item by item basis or by customer/dealer type. Advertisements, promotions and customer/dealer communications are easily managed through email promotions, utilizing the HTML editor and customer/vendor database.

Y.E.S.! B2B™ assists in total inventory control. Y.E.S.! B2B™ allows you to track your inventory by accurately monitoring quantity levels and re-order points. The flexibility of the inventory management system supports warehouse inventory control and Just-In-Time ordering.

Y.E.S.! B2B™ automates the entire order entry and fulfillment process. Y.E.S.! B2B™ provides an easy and simple way for you to receive, process, and fulfill product orders. It also allows you to support storefront operations by including a full featured Point-of-Sale system.

Minimum System Requirements:

• Minimum CPU required: 300MHz
• Minimum memory required: 64Meg RAM
• Minimum hard disk space required: 500Meg
• Operating system versions supported: Microsoft® Windows NT/98/ME/2000/XP
• Minimum screen resolution: 800x600 (Highest Color Quality)
• CD-ROM speed: 4X
Intuit® QuickBooks® 2003 or later, QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Pro® or QuickBooks Premier® Editions

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