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YukonSoft E-Business Solutions™ (Y.E.S.!™) Software Suite

YukonSoft E-Business Solutions™ (Y.E.S.!™) Software Suite provides a complete E-Business solution, including website design and creation, inventory management, and point-of-sale system.

eCommerce Web Site Development without HTML Programming

  • Template-driven website design for flexibility.

    Y.E.S.!™ gives a merchant complete control of how their website looks and operates. Y.E.S.!™ was designed so users can have their websites built and functioning on-line in only a few minutes. The design features of Y.E.S.!™ lets end users construct a professional looking and individualized company website, without knowing HTML programming. Starting with a base template, merchants can customize colors, fonts, company logos, page layouts and other areas of their website. An unlimited number of custom HTML pages, designed through the Y.E.S.!™ word processor-like HTML editor, can be added to their web sites, which provides users with complete design creativity, while maintaining complete control of information presented on their site.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for your small business customer

  • Inventory Management for Higher Levels of Efficiency and Profit.

    Y.E.S.!™ assists in total inventory control. Inventory management features allow business owners to fully track and manage their inventory sold via the web, from a storefront, or both. Y.E.S.!™ lets companies track their inventory by accurately monitoring quantity levels and re-order points. The flexibility of the inventory management system supports warehouse inventory control and Just-In-Time ordering.

  • Automated Order Entry and Fulfillment Process.

    Y.E.S.!™ provides an easy and simple way to receive, process, and fill on-line orders. It also allows users to support storefront operations by including a fully featured point-of-sale system. Y.E.S.!™ further supports day-to-day business operations such as receiving, processing, and accounting of on-line orders. By integrating with today's most popular small business accounting and other third party software packages, Y.E.S.!™ gives the merchant a complete e-business solution.

  • Automated Management Reporting Functions.

    Y.E.S.!™ reporting capabilities enable all valuable information to be pooled, yielding numerous reports crucial to business planning, monitoring, and forecasting. In addition, all of the reports can be exported to third party software packages for further manipulation and flexibility.

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