Bob’s Windsurfing and Dive Shop


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Bob’s Windsurfing and Dive Shop wants to market their services over the Internet. They are a successful business with 3 locations in and around a major US resort city. The owner, Bob, is very particular about how his company is represented over the worldwide web. He is a retailer and he is not interested in e-commerce at this time. The website will be an advertisement, used to promote sales and increase traffic to his stores.


5 Page Website / no e-Commerce

Market Price $3,000 - $4,000


Typical Custom Solution

YES! Ô Solution

Customer Contact to Contract

5 hrs

5 hrs

Site Construction

16 hrs

4 hrs

Customer Review and Approval

3 hrs

3 hrs

Final Edit and Hosting Setup

 8 hrs

4 hrs

Total Investment

32 hrs

16 hrs




Businesses illustrated in the above example are fictitious and are not intended to represent or portray any known existing companies.

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