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Serendipity Baskets & Gifts, a local business with a local presence, has decided to expand its market reach by offering its unique product line over the internet. The business originated as a home-based business, but has grown to include one retail store. The owner of Serendipity Baskets & Gifts is most concerned with the implementation costs associated with the project, but she envisions a 35% increase in sales within the first year. Her desire is to have orders that are placed over the internet, emailed into the retail store and entered into her business system manually. The nature of the business is labor intensive, relying on hard copy invoices, receipts, order forms, etc. The accounting system is an off-the-shelf product requiring manual input.


20 Page Website / e-Commerce with 10- 50 items

Market Price $10,000 - $12,000


Typical Custom Solution

YES! Ô Solution

Customer Contact to Contract

20 hrs

20 hrs

Site Construction

80 hrs

40 hrs

Customer Review and Approval

8 hrs

8 hrs

Final Edit and Hosting Setup

20 hrs

8 hrs


8 hrs

8 hrs

Total Investment

136 hrs

84 hrs




Businesses illustrated in the above example are fictitious and are not intended to represent or portray any known existing companies.

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