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Price: $74.95

Description: $24.95 per month (Billed monthly) Plus a one time $50.00 setup fee.

Web Hosting Features Descriptions

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POP e-Mail Accounts
You can configure POP e-mail accounts (e.g. you@yourcompany.com), allowing your employees to each have their own e-mail.

Unlimited e-Mail Aliases
e-Mail aliases are pointers that redirect your e-mail to the POP account of your choosing. The POP account can be on the Your Company server, or on any other mail server. For example, you could set up an alias called webmaster@yourdomain.com and point it to your POP account. That way, you only have to check your own account for the webmaster@yourdomain.com mail.

You have complete control over configuring your e-mail accounts via the web based Control Panel, which you can use from your own location.

Using our web-based e-mail product, you can configure and manage e-mail for any of your POP accounts, all through any standard web browser. Send attachments, check external POP accounts, define spam filters, create mailing lists, and much more.

Email virus scanning (McAfee)
This invaluable tool will scan all e-mail for viruses, and will prevent corrupted e-mail from reaching your mailbox. Please note while we continually upgrade our virus definitions this service may not be 100% effective as we cannot scan for new, previously undiscovered viruses.

Disk Space
Disk space is the amount of storage you have for your website. 150MB will accommodate a medium-sized site. 250MB provides you with enough space to fit a large site, with ample room for your e-commerce components. If the disk space allotment is exceeded we make every effort to contact our customers so that we can assist them in bringing the disk space in line. If this is not possible, you will be charged in 100MB block increments.

Domain Name Registration Service
We will register your new domain for you. (www.yourcompany.com)

Unlimited Traffic
Your Company does not limit or throttle bandwidth to or from your site. Below, you will find the details of our bandwidth allocation and subsequent prices. Please keep in mind that 99% of our customers never come close to exceeding 10GB of traffic.

Additional Bandwidth:

  • 0-10 GB Free
  • 11-50 GB $10.00/GB
  • 51-100 GB $7.50/GB
  • 101+ GB $6.50/GB

Control all of the functions of your account from the simple, intuitive, web-based control panel. Configure e-mail accounts, check FrontPage extensions, access help and knowledge bases, check statistics, and more. From one easy-to-use panel.

Website Statistic (Analog)
Your Company offers statistics that you can access via your web browser that allow you to monitor who is accessing your site, when they're accessing your site, and what they looked at. Referrers are also included, so you can see where your visitors are coming from.

FTP/Front Page 98/2000 Extensions
FTP access and FrontPage are both standard components of any good website package. File Transfer Protocol is used for uploading/downloading files to your account. FrontPage extensions are required to be able to publish your site from Microsoft FrontPage. Front Page 2002 is now available on the Unix platform.

Shared SSL
This feature allows you to receive secure information like product orders and credit card information via an electronic form that you design and place on our shared secure server.

Daily Backups
As part of our rock solid network, we offer daily backups of your site. That way, you can sleep nights knowing that your data and systems are fully secure.

CGI-BIN Access
Each account gets its own cgi-bin directory for running programs. You can run programs written in a wide range of languages, including PERL, C, C++ and Java.

Anonymous FTP Server
You can create an area within your site where users can login anonymously and download files.


We support many Java applications on our Unix servers including Tomcat. Please visit our comparison sheet for the list of Java applications we support.


MySQL is the opensource version of Sequel Query Language. This database sits within your website and does not require space on another server.

PHP Support
This is a scripting language that is supported on our Unix servers.

ASP Support
Full Active Server page support is offered on our NT servers. It is used most commonly for querying databases, and interactive web development.

ODBC Support
Your Company fully supports MS Access and SQL ODBC.

One System DSN for Database Access
Included with your NT account is the ability to configure one system DSN for database access. Extras are available.

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