At YukonSoft it’s all about partnerships. We understand that a strong partnership leads to success. When our business partners succeed, we succeed, and when our business partners are well supported, our end-customer is well supported.

Our products are developed not only with our end-customer in mind, but also with a focus on our distribution partners. Beyond features and functionality of each product, we strive to incorporate our business model into each product. Key tenets of our model include the ease of use, low cost distribution, and the ability to provide residual and recurring revenue opportunities for our partners.

Whether you are a value-added reseller, a software reseller, a host provider, a QuickBooks pro-advisor, or a web designer, we believe that we have a very good business opportunity for you and we are committed to continuously improving it. Take a few minutes to determine whether we are a fit for your business.

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Our products are developed to permit our partners the freedom of not maintaining inventory levels to support their local markets. Software is available as a download from our website as well as on CD. As a business partner, you can either download software from the website directly to your client’s computer, or install it from a CD. CD’s are intended be copied and distributed.

All YukonSoft software is designed to run for a 15-day free trial period, allowing your customers to test drive each and every aspect of the product. When your customer is ready to purchase, you simply contact us and we supply the registration codes to permanently enable the software. Any work that was accomplished during the trial period is secure, because your customer is already running the software that he/she is purchasing. Nothing is lost and nothing has to be redone.


Marketing support begins with our Reseller Starter Kit. Each kit includes hardcopy and softcopy of product brochures, sales and marketing tips, example sales tools, MARCOM information, and frequently asked questions about each product.

Advertising is done on a National level. Both on-line and hardcopy advertisements are utilized for brand awareness. Customizable local sales tools, such as brochures and card mailers are offered to resellers. Press releases are utilized as appropriate.


We at YukonSoft Corporation are dedicated to providing the highest quality, highest value, software solutions for small businesses, at an affordable price. Our goal is to offer products that positively impact every part of the end-customer’s business. As a business partner, you receive wholesale pricing on all YukonSoft products.

If there is a service aspect to your business model, YukonSoft products provide you with ample opportunity to generate revenue through servicing your customers. Although each product is developed with a focus on ease-of-use and end-customer independence, installation, business configuration and website design can provide you with a healthy, high margin business opportunity.

Additionally, in as much as YukonSoft products touch all aspects of your customer’s business, residual sales will become a large part of your business. As your customers become more and more proficient with their YukonSoft products, they inevitably realize how much more they can accomplish with them. This drives residual hardware sales, additional YukonSoft product sales, and 3rd party software upgrades.

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