Y.E.S.!™ Portal/Hub Site

As a YukonSoft™ Partner, you become the nucleus of future growth and automation for your small and medium business customers, while realizing additional revenue streams immediately. To support this, YukonSoft's™ patent protected technologies will be implemented for use in your own Y.E.S.!™ Partner Portal/Hub site, creating your own Y.E.S.!™ Merchant Cooperative, linking all of your customers together through your Y.E.S.!™ Portal. For your merchants, this site becomes a massive, automated directory service that recognizes what the viewers are searching for, and retrieves it efficiently. In addition, this Portal can provide them with new marketing, sales, advertising, resource acquisition, automation, and business development resources and initiatives for growing their businesses.

Core Functionality

The core functionality of the Portal or Hub site provides the viewers with the ability to define search criteria and be directed to the specific items found on the database. This patent protected method of searching process is more efficient than is typically experienced with the use of traditional search engines in that the Y.E.S.!™ Portal search engine directs the viewer to the actual item within the web site, hence simplifying the search process for the viewer. In addition, the Y.E.S.!™ Portal provides them with the ability to browse all other Y.E.S.!™ merchants' web sites with the same efficiency.

Advantages for Your Customers
Advantages for You, the Partner

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