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Integrated Point-of-Sale and eBay® System

Y.E.S.! FRONT OFFICE™ is a full-featured P.O.S. system with an automated link to all worldwide ebayŽ auction sites, Inventory Control, and much more. This system includes Internet credit card processing, which eliminates the need for costly credit card process hardware leases and additional telephone lines. The ebay® wizard allows you to sell products through ebayŽ without the expense of 3rd party services. The user interface is simple which means making a sale in the merchant's store is fast and easy - using a mouse or a few simple keystrokes.

Customer information is easily tracked, and the merchant can offer customers payment options that include cash, credit card, credit, or other means of payment. In addition, invoices and credit memos are easily created for each customer. Based on merchant-defined criteria, any shipping charges and sales taxes are automatically calculated and applied.

Y.E.S.! FRONT OFFICE™ also has built-in barcode technologies for in-store use. Select items from inventory, type the bar code number, or simply scan items to add the items to the sale. When a sale is completed from the Point-of-Sale screen, the inventory is automatically updated, and the sales, customer, and tax information is recorded. As a result, Y.E.S.! FRONT OFFICE™ provides a seamless business operation for the merchant.

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