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YukonSoft Corporation offers Y.E.S.! B2B™ as upgrade to Y.E.S.!™ suite


Austin, TX – November 23, 2004 - YukonSoft Corporation announced that Y.E.S.! B2B™ , the company’s enterprise solution for medium sized businesses, will be offered as a $399.99 upgrade to the Y.E.S.!™ software suite.  This new capability will provide several upgrades to the popular Y.E.S.!™ software suite, including customized pricing for multiple distribution channels and Internet email marketing, advertising, and customer/vendor communication features.

“We are very excited about this latest offering”, stated Michael Gagliardi, President & CEO, YukonSoft Corporation, “The Y.E.S.! B2B™ upgrade responds to requests from our resellers to offer these enhanced features to our Y.E.S.!™ software suite customers.”

The YukonSoft Y.E.S.! B2B™  upgrade offers a complete integrated retail, e-Commerce and eBay® sales system with inventory control, website development and a Point-of-Sale (POS) system.  It integrates the customer’s physical store and Internet sales, provides a new international distribution channel through an automated interface to worldwide eBay® Auctions and Yahoo Stores, and completely interfaces with QuickBooks® 2003 and 2004.

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YukonSoft Corporation, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a leading provider of business software solutions for small and medium sized businesses.  YukonSoft’s product offerings include e-Commerce Content Management Systems, Point of Sale systems, eBay® sales systems, Time and Attendance systems, advanced Tax Calculators, and Internet Portal Technology systems.  For more information on YukonSoft Corporation and its product and service offerings, please visit

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