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Y.E.S.! Time & Attendance™

 Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ Kit
Is there an affordable solution to help you manage the high cost of labor and its impact on the bottom line?

Y.E.S.!™ is the Answer!

Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ provides you with a complete integrated solution for managing employee schedules, employee attendance and project tracking. It operates as a standalone time collection system or integrates with the Y.E.S.!™ Software Suite, Y.E.S.! Front Office™, and Y.E.S.! e-Commerce™, posting time to your QuickBooks® 2003 Accounting package.

This Time Management System comes complete with software, one card reader, 24 ink jet/laser printable employee labels and 24 lamination card covers.

For general use or with non-exempt and hourly employees, multiple card readers can be networked together through PCs strategically placed throughout the workplace or at employee entrances. Computers attached to each card reader can be utilized as greeting stations for employees, offering customized greeting messages or simply notifying early or late employees of their status. The system also allows for easy viewing of who is present on the clock. Optionally, employees can view and print several reports that show actual time and processed-posted time if management has enabled this feature.

For the professional office environment, Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ can be utilized without card readers. Each employee’s computer can act as a time and attendance station with full system functionality.

The Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ system features departmental control, permitting department supervisors to view, schedule and manage their employees. Because there can be more than one supervisor for each department, group supervisors can be formed or a master supervisor can have authority over all departmental groups.

Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ uses pay items / pay types, to build an automatic project / job time charging environment for employees. This pay items / pay types feature will correspond to the correct wage type in your QuickBooks® accounting package which means your employees are paid correctly for the job or task completed. Employee ID badges or swipe cards contain the employee ID and pay items / pay type ID encoded into each card. For multitasking employees, multiple swipe cards can be produced for automatic project / job time collection. When a project / job is complete, it is designated as inactive and the swipe cards are no longer accepted by the system.

Employee scheduling is managed at the departmental level, enabling customized greetings and messages, and documenting the time utilized within the system. Completely under departmental control, system generated reports include but are not limited to:

  • Employee
  • Employee Tardy report
  • Employee Swipe (Punch-in / Punch-out) report
  • Employee Posted Time (Posting to Y.E.S.!™) report
  • Employee Posted Time (Posting to QuickBooks® Accounting) report
  • Employee schedule report

Y.E.S.!™ is the Answer!


  • 1-10 Employee system - $499.99
  • 11 – 50 Employee system - $699.99
  • Unlimited Employee system - $999.99

  • Upgrade to next level - $299.99 (Software Only)
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Multiple seat pricing:

  • 5 additional seat license - $599.99 additional (Software Only)
  • 10 additional seat license - $799.99 additional (Software Only)
  • site license - $1,499.99 additional (Software Only)

No.Seat licenses:

Technical Support:

Free E-mail Support at (Response within 48 Hours)

Tech Support Pricing:

One year unlimited telephone support - $900.00

Purchase Support Contract

Tech Support Telephone:


Tech Support URL:

System Requirements:

  • Minimum CPU required: 300 MHZ
  • Minimum memory required: 64 MB
  • Minimum hard disk space required: 500 MB
  • Operating system version: NT 4.0/98/ME/2000/XP
  • Minimum screen resolution: 800 x 600
  • Web browser versions: Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher
  • Minimum Internet connection speed: 56K
  • CD-ROM speed: 4x

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Does Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ work with QuickBooks 2003?

A: The Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ system exchanges information with your QuickBooks® database. Your business runs on Y.E.S! Time and Attendance™ with automatic data collection and your financial accounting operation runs on QuickBooks®. Through data exchange, all employee time and pay items (jobs) are posted to your QuickBooks® accounting database.

Q: Do I need any other equipment to generate swipe cards and maintain the Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance system™ ?

A: No, Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ was designed for business owners that have at least one computer and an ink jet or laser printer. With these a businessperson can generate a professional looking employee ID badge or swipe card incorporating the employee’s picture or the company logo. The Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ starter kit comes with everything needed to get you started. As needed, you can purchase additional standard label cards and lamination pouches from any office supply store.

Q: Does Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ interface with my other YukonSoft software systems?

A: The Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ system completely integrates with the Y.E.S.!™ Software Suite, Y.E.S.! Front Office™, and Y.E.S.! e-Commerce™, providing an automated process to gather and manage employee time spent throughout the day and across your organization. A free 15-day trial version of the Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ software is included in the Y.E.S.!™ Software Suite, Y.E.S.! Front Office™, and Y.E.S.! e-Commerce™.

Q: Will the free 15-day trial version included in the Y.E.S.!™ Software Suite, Y.E.S.! Front Office™, and Y.E.S.! e-Commerce™ be wasted if I setup my employees and print swipe cards with the Y.E.S.! Time and Attendance™ system?

A: No, The free 15-day trial period is the full version of the software. In order to permanently enable the system and receive your starter kit, you must purchase an unique registration code through a YukonSoft reseller or directly from YukonSoft at

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