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HTML Fundamentals, Architecture of Web Page Contents, Browser Specific Tags, Structure Tags, Physical Tags, Logical Tags, HTML 4.0 Tags, Tools for HTML Validation, HTML Conversion Tools, HTML Tag Attributes, Marquees and Banners, Graphic Design Issues, Tools for Creating and Manipulating Web Graphics, Image Tags and Attributes, Sources for Web Site Graphics, Introduction to Server-Side and Client-Side Image Maps, Tools for Creating Image Maps GIF, JPEG, and PNG Formats, Transparent Graphics, Transparency and Interlacing of Graphics, Creating Animated Graphics, Interactive Graphics, Constructing Forms, <FORM> Tags and Attributes, <INPUT> Tags and Attributes, Creating Text Fields, Radio Buttons and Checkboxes, Scrolling and Selection Lists, Submit and Reset Buttons, Scripts for Form Processing, Sources for Sample Scripts, Marketing Your Site, Characteristics of Search Engines, Search Engine Registration, The <META> Tags and Attributes, Web Site Promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Frames, The <FRAME> Tags and Attributes, The <FRAMESET> Tags and Attributes, Frame Construction ,Frame Navigation, Web Site Layout & Design , Layout & Design Heuristics, Navigation Features and Considerations, Deciding on Tables and Frames for Layout, Bullets and Numbered Lists, Use of Colors and Graphics, Design Templates and Themes, Creating Web Projects, Managing Source Files, Tables, Purpose of Tables, Table Tags and Attributes, Tables for Layout and Structure, <TABLE>, <TR>, <TD>, and <TH> Tags, <THEAD>, <TBODY>, <TFOOT>, and <CAPTION> Tags, Creating and Managing Styles, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), <style> Tags and Attributes, Defining Styles, Creating CSS Rules, Using Style Sheets To Support Multiple Browsers, Creating Custom Styles (classes), Using <DIV> and <SPAN> Tags, Web Design Environments HTML / XHTML / DHTML /JavaScript / XML / Java Applets, Cookies, Web Servers, Databases Organizations, Web Production Tools, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, FrontPage, Homesite, 1st Page 2000, Paint Shop Pro, HTML-Kit, Designing the Look and Feel, Creating Seamless Transitions, Using Design Grids, Using White Space, Design for Interaction, Design for Usability, Design for Accessibility, Design for Consistency, Testing Your Website, Web Page Content, Designing for Different Browsers, Designing for Different Bandwidths, Designing for Screen Resolutions, The Web Development Process, Web Design Team, Web Development Phases, Website Goals, Information Architecture, Filenames and URLs, Absolute and Relative Paths, Building a Site Map, Copyright Infringement, Planning Site Navigation, Designing Usable Navigation, Optimizing Content, Linking to Files, Text Based Navigation, Graphic Based Navigation, ALT Attribute, Using Icons with Navigation, Creating Page Templates, Using Table Elements, Defining Table, Attributes, Spanning Columns and Rows, Relative and Fixed Widths, Nesting Tables, Writing Clean Tables, Creating a Page Template, Testing Templates, Typography and the Web, Setting Font Sizes, Designing for Legibility, Font Alternatives, Setting Font Color, <Font> Element, CSS Basics, CSS Techniques, Styling with CSS, Graphics and Color, GIF, JPG, PNG, Bitmap Versus Vector Images, Interlacing and Progressive Display, Optimizing Images, Color Depth, Non-dithered Colors, Web Safe Colors, <IMG> Element, Image Maps, Setting Background Color, Hexadecimal Colors, Multimedia and the Web, GIF Animation, Video and the Web, Audio and the Web, Plug-ins, User Interaction, Publishing and Maintaining Your Website, Web Hosting Options, Buying a Domain Name, Using FTP to Upload Files, Usability Testing, User Testing, Feedback Forms, Using Meaningful Titles, Working with Search Engines, Submitting URLs to Search .

YukonSoft Corporation’s Y.E.S.! Ô Software Suite will change your views on WEB Design and E- commerce forever!

5 page site
No e-Commerce
20 page site
Separate web store
10 to 50 items
200 page site
Separate web store
50 to 1500 items


The Y.E.S.! Ô Suite will enable you to perform quality web site and web page design. There is almost no learning curve. Within 1 day you will be able to plan and develop professional web sites that combine effective navigation with the balanced use of graphics, color, and text.

Y.E.S.! Ô provides the tools necessary to build web sites that allow end-users to access information and complete tasks easily, and allows you to design around browser incompatibility issues.

Within hours you will be able to plan a web site's organization, design and implement functional web pages, and publish a high quality, professional web site to the World Wide Web.

* There are no PREREQUISITES

* No KNOWLEDGE of HTML or other programming language is required

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