Improvements and New Features of Y.E.S.!™   7.00.0003

1. Category names in website menus are now sorted alphabetically.

2. Added ability to fine position barcode labels (in Y.E.S.!™ ) and employee swipe cards (Y.E.S.!™  Time and Attendance) to suite printing characteristics of various printers.

3. Added ability for the user to add a two-line custom footer to the sales receipts.

4. Added ability for the user to reset the eBay®  token (in case the user had to change his/her eBay® password).

5. Accounting Interface will now import most fields from QuickBooks to Y.E.S.!™. User can select not to over-write Y.E.S.!™ quantities or descriptions with data from QuickBooks®. This option can be set from the Accounting Interface's "Options" menu, "Enable Receiving in QB". Check “Allow Y.E.S.!™ Item Details to be updated from QuickBooks' Item Details" to let QuickBooks overwrite Y.E.S.!™ , or un-check to prevent QuickBooks from overwriting your Y.E.S.!™ Descriptions.

6. Added new report to generate inventory worksheets.

7. Corrected labels on Website "Store Description" fields to reflect their true functions.

8. Added support for serial (RS-232) barcode readers in Time and Attendance so that swipe-in card reader may be located more than 6 feet from the computer.

9. Added support for magnetic stripe readers in Y.E.S.!™  Point of Sale.  Magnetic Stripe readers supported may be either keyboard wedge or serial interface (RS-232). 

10. Added support for credit cards in Y.E.S.!™  Point of Sale using the Internet rather than a dedicated phone line.  (This service requires a Plug'n Pay® Retail Merchant account.)

11. Added option to have a "floating cart" on your website in order that your customers can always see the contents of their shopping cart. ("Floating Cart" displays the number of items and total cost of goods in the shopping cart, as well as the currently logged-in user's name.) The option to turn this feature "ON" is found on the Website Design screen, under the "Shopping Cart" tab.

12. Y.E.S.!™  Custom Page editor now can generate Google's® "Search This Site" code into any Y.E.S.!™  Custom Page.  (Your website must be indexed by Google® for this feature to work.)

13. Added data feed creation and uploading capability in Y.E.S.!™  for Froogle®  and Yahoo!'s® pay-per-click service.

14. Added the ability for the user to set all newly created items to be taxable or not taxable. (Previously, all new items were "not taxable" by default).

15. The name of the currently selected item in Inventory is now displayed on the Picture tab.

16. Existing item and category pages on your website will be automatically deleted during the upload process to prevent customers from finding and purchasing items which are no longer available.  (Previously, these files had to be manually removed using a third party FTP program.)

17. On the Inventory screen, the drop-down Vendors listing is now sorted alphabetically.

18. Documentation (Help files) has been updated.

19. In Y.E.S.!™ Time and Attendance, corrected problem that employees who were "logged in" manually through the edit screen did not appear on the main screen of employees who had logged in using swipe cards.

20. Added "Void Sale" button to Y.E.S.!™ Point of Sale.  (Sales can only be "voided" by the use of an administrator password).

21. Added "Find Transaction number" feature to Customers screen.

22. Added Update Manager. This feature will automatically keep your software up to date without having to wait for a new version.

23. Added built-in search feature. This search makes it possible for visitors to your website to find any product. It will search product name and product descriptions, but not custom pages. Search is only visible in Internet Explorer. Available only if your website uses left or right oriented menus.

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